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What drives your business? Genesys Global offers connected
lighting tech, to help you achieve breakthrough results
and realize drastic energy savings.
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Energy Savings

Genesys Global is a values-driven, tech-enabled lighting solutions company that’s redefining how we think about sustainability and energy consumption. We offer turnkey patented gHID™ and gLED™ applications for commercial and industrial clients, dramatically reducing costs, enhancing performance, and improving energy efficiency from day one.

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Longer Lamp Life


Not sure how your lighting solution should look? We take care of that. A team of expert designers will survey the area you’re lighting, and masterfully design what your solution will look like for you.


We have an installation team ready to go — day or night — for seamless installations done right.


Our reliable support team works around the clock to ensure that your needs are heard, understood and met.

Companies We Serve
We Serve

Our client portfolio speaks for itself. We’re providing superior lighting solutions to the companies we work with, and saving them money. 

Lighting Applications
No matter how you use our technology, our goal is always the same: to provide you with the highest amount of energy savings possible.

FREIGHT PORTS Our white lights can increase safety, reduce accidents
and achieve up to 70% savings.
Experience better lighting and dramatic energy savings,
just by switching to our patented technology.
HORTICULTURE Cultivate higher yields from your harvest, and
even higher profits when you’re able to save with
the most efficient lighting solution
INDUSTRIAL & MANUFACTURING Rigorous work environments are no match
for our gHID™ and gLED™ products.
They work harder, so you can save more.
WAREHOUSING Reduce operating costs and maintenance time,
easy-to—install gHID™ ballasts, that run longer,
harder and more efficiently than the rest.
COMMERCIAL & RETAIL When your parking lot’s brighter, your customers
feel safer. And when your store’s brighter,
your customers notice what’s inside.
The best part? You won’t have to cut into your cash flow.

Our Products

We offer our patented gHID™ technology, designed to last longer and run more efficiently than our competitors, while saving you money on energy and maintenance. We also source external lighting solutions, to ensure that you’re met with the right lighting, no matter what your needs are.
     Sustainability you can see
Our patented gHID™ technology improves lighting, saves energy, easily retrofits and improves your bottom line.

     A trusted solution

Consult with a team of lighting experts whose only goal is to provide a lighting solution that meets your needs, and saves you money. We have dozens of trusted LED vendors we reach out to, and find the most efficient solution for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The clients we serve will be the first to tell you about the savings we’re providing when they make the switch to Genesys.



“We are therefore corroborating that the quality of light of the towers has complete user satisfaction and that the energy savings exceed 65%. Additionally, we are seeing important savings in the replacement of ballasts and bulbs as the frequency of maintenance has dropped significantly.”


Port Operations Supervisor – South Atlantic, HÖEGH AUTOLINERS

“Our terminal in Jaxport is showing an energy savings of 70% as promised … we have had no lamp or ballast failures in the last year, which is a significant improvement over our previous system, and has saved countless maintenance dollars.”



“The Genesys solution exceeds all expectations in such areas as: superior photometric, energy savings, and overall performance. It is rare that you engage with a vendor partner that does everything and more than they say they can. In the case of Genesys, they have proven to be such a partner.”

Our Team

Genesys Global is led by industry experts, each with decades of experience and forward thinking leadership mentalities which propel Genesys Global into the future.

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As global populations rise, the demand for food rises with it. By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9 billion people, with a demand 70% more food…

When thinking about lighting for car dealerships, the first thing that comes to mind is the money-making showroom. The walk-in trophy case…

The state of today’s industrial environment can be summed up as such: fast-paced. Each warehouse, a giant beehive, buzzing with activity…

Savings Calculator

Still not convinced? We’ll show you how much you can save. Just plug in your current light set—up and let us do the math to estimate how much money you could be saving per year, with Genesys Global.

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