Auto Dealerships

Dealerships want crisp, bright light to showcase their merchandise, and Genesys provides a unique combination of gHID and LED lighting to accomplish this task. They also achieve energy savings immediately, and a healthy return on investment. This one-of-a-kind pairing typically utilizes gHID for exterior lighting retrofits, which create the most energy savings and, in turn, help offset the cost of interior lighting upgrades. Inside, a combination of both technologies dramatically improves interior light quality, reduces maintenance, and still saves energy.


gHID is an ideal substitute for interior high bay HID lighting or inadequate high bay fluorescent lighting. In addition to the energy savings from gHID’s reduced wattage, gHID creates less heat than standard HID which can reduce HVAC costs (especially important for cold storage and food processing). A combination of gHID wattages can also be installed, allowing for more light where it is needed and more savings where desired.

Industrial & Manufacturing

The more extreme environments of many industrial and manufacturing locations highlight gHID’s durability compared to other lighting technologies. gHID’s industry-leading operating temperature range of -30C to 105C allows Genesys to install in the hottest facilities. In addition, many exterior industrial environments currently use HPS and will benefit from the crisp, white light of gHID even before the dramatic energy savings are taken into account.

Cargo & Sea Ports

Genesys delivers a crisp, high quality white light compared to the dull orange glow of high pressure sodium found at most ports. gHID installations on high mast poles and constellations, replacing typical 1000W HPS, provide over 70% energy savings. The whiter light improves visual acuity and depth perception, increasing overall safety for dock workers and drivers. Some facilities with gHID have seen a 15% drop in accidents in the first year after installation. Better lighting also makes clearer images on closed circuit television and helps security personnel do their job effectively.


The perfect opportunity to introduce gHID is created every time conventional HID lights require routine maintenance. Customers achieve huge energy savings with gHID retrofits and they require no change to the existing lighting infrastructure. gHID can be seamlessly introduced one fixture at a time, in order to minimize initial costs and maximize the useful life of current components. A gHID maintenance install plan typically pays for itself in 6 to 10 months.

Commercial & Retail

Area lighting at shopping malls, commercial parking lots, and big box stores is a natural fit for gHID. It revitalizes conventional HID infrastructure to save energy and reduce ongoing operating expenses while maintaining or improving light levels. In most instances, gHID can easily integrate when installed on a maintenance basis, or a complete lighting retrofit can always be performed to maximize immediate savings.

Parks & Recreation

Many parks, green spaces, tennis and basketball courts, and baseball fields are lit with HID and can benefit from gHID. Genesys has customers for whom improved light is far more important than energy savings. And because many of these locations have limited operating hours (and a longer turnaround window to recoup initial costs), the value proposition of gHID is far better than other lighting technologies.