New Horizon for Horticulture

Published by Genesys Global™ on October 3, 2016

As global populations rise, the demand for food rises with it. By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9 billion people, with a demand of at least 70% more food than is currently being produced.
There’s probably no single industry in the world right now that’s more important than horticulture. Though, horticulture today doesn’t just entail the vast fields, rows of corn and tractors driven by farmers in straw hats. Today, most horticulture takes place indoors, and the horticulture industry is so high-tech that, if it weren’t for the greenery, when you walked into a grow house, you could mistake it for an IBM building. Google for carrots, maybe. What’s most exciting about the direction horticulture is heading, to us at Genesys, is all of the innovation that’s coming along with it, and the call to develop sustainable energy solutions.
A viable solution that’s being used today, and has much promise for the future, is ‘Vertical Farming’. Vertical farming allows for more produce to be grown, in less square-foot space, and vertical farms can be as tall as skyscrapers. Imagine, theoretically, a city like Chicago, filled with vertical farms. Crazy? Definitely. Hard to imagine? It shouldn’t be — urban horticulture has already taken off and is used widespread across the globe. Vertical farms utilize various farming methods, ranging from Aeroponic, Hydroponic and Soil-Based solutions to serve as bases for the produce. The interiors are lit by LED, HPS and Fluorescent Grow Lights, and each light has its own benefit to the crops and to the grower.
Every indoor grow-job is different, but it’s universally understood that LED lighting is the best solution for most indoor farms. LED is the most energy efficient of the aforementioned lighting solutions and they give off little to no heat. More importantly, LED is best at creating a perfect indoor environment, suitable for any kind of plant.
Here’s a sentence you could only expect to read in 2020: The future of farming is indoors. Horticulture’s future has never been brighter and, at Genesys, we’re lighting the way by providing energy-efficient lighting solutions that save growers money.