Who We Are

Genesys is a hard working, passionate team who believes that gHID is – without question – the best, most energy efficient, and cost effective lighting product on the market for commercial and industrial customers. We do more than just sell lighting products – we provide lighting solutions and world class service to every customer.

The core product of Genesys is gHID, the technology behind the gHID ballast. Developed in 2009 at the prestigious Oak Ridge National Laboratory, gHID was tested and refined with the input of customers and has been installed around the world. gHID revitalizes standard high intensity discharge (HID) light fixtures into energy efficient, long lasting lighting solutions.

As a customer-focused lighting solution provider, we work to understand project goals and priorities, such as improved lighting, energy savings, or infrastructure repairs. Using a proprietary combination of gHID and LED, Genesys can uniquely approach all commercial and industrial lighting projects.

While gHID has been deployed across the world, our corporate headquarters are located in Charlotte, NC and Asheville, NC. Our dedicated team is always ready to talk with you and schedule a visit for a quote, install, or service call – no matter what your zip code is.

What is gHID?

gHID was developed by Genesys in response to common issues and problems associated with HID lighting. Find out exactly what gHID offers.

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gHID and LED

Many users believe that LED, with its high initial costs, is their only upgrading option. gHID from Genesys offers a smart and affordable alternative.

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Whether or not you are familiar with our gHID technology, get the answers to some of the most frequent questions our customers have.

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