Below are some of the more frequent questions we get asked by potential customers. If you have a question that is not covered below regarding Genesys and our gHID products, please use our website contact form.

What types of customers use gHID ballasts?2019-12-09T00:31:25+00:00

The gHID ballast is an energy efficiency solution designed for any facility that uses HID lighting. If you use HID lighting, gHID will save you energy and money.

How does the gHID ballast differ from other electronic ballasts?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

The gHID ballast uses patented technology, ensuring superior performance throughout extreme temperature ranges. This is not matched by any other electronic HID ballast on the market. Other electronic ballasts use microprocessors which have short lifespans and are sensitive to heat. And most electronic ballasts are actually hybrids, using an inefficient core-in-coil power transmitter to power the electronics.

How is the gHID ballast different than magnetic ballasts?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

The gHID ballast operates at ultra-high frequency to drive greater light output at a lower wattage, producing up to 72% energy savings. Magnetic ballasts require much more power to produce the same amount of light. Additionally, when a lamp burns out, a magnetic ballast may continue to strike, harming the ballast and continuing to draw power. With a gHID ballast, when a lamp burns out, the ballast goes dormant and waits for the lamp to be replaced.

How does the gHID ballast affect lamp life, as compared to a magnetic ballast?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

Lamps controlled by gHID ballasts are not subject to the vibrations, aggressive strike, and excessive heat produced by other ballasts. Without these factors, lamp electrodes remain healthy, extending lamp life significantly and reducing light degradation. The North Carolina DOT reported seeing 3 times the normal lamp life after switching to gHID from magnetic ballasts.

Do we have to replace our entire fixture to install gHID?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

No, the gHID ballast can be installed in virtually any existing HID fixture. Installation is flexible – gHID ballasts can be remote mounted up to 10 feet from the fixture. It’s also easier to install than standard HID ballasts, which weigh much more and have external ignitors and capacitors. gHID ballasts have a sleek, rugged, single body form factor.

Is there a warranty for the gHID ballast?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

Yes, gHID ballasts come with a standard 2 year warranty. Extended warranties are available.

Are incentives available for installing gHID ballasts?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

gHID ballasts qualify for rebates and incentives from many utility companies and state and federal governments. Genesys can help ensure that you receive the maximum incentive/rebate possible for choosing our energy efficient products.

Are gHID installations eligible for state or federal tax credits?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

If you install a large quantity of gHID ballasts, you may qualify for a tax credit based on the square footage of your building(s) and significant reduction in energy consumption.

What is the ambient temperature range of gHID ballasts?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

The ambient temperature operating range of gHID ballasts is between -30°C to ~85°C (-22°F to 185°F). The maximum case temperature is 105°C. For comparison, most LED lighting products have maximum operating temperatures of 40°C.

Does the gHID ballast provide surge protection?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

Yes, the gHID ballast is designed to provide over 6 KV of non-dissipative surge protection.

How long does a gHID ballast last?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

Actual performance varies depending on conditions and how a ballast is operated. However, gHID ballast life is rated at 12 years MTTF at 70°C ambient and 7.8 years at 80°C ambient.

Does the gHID ballast create noise in a quiet environment?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

No, the gHID ballast eliminates the audible hum associated with magnetic HID ballasts or other electronic ballasts.

Is gHID DLC rated?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

A DLC rating is only available to LED products; because gHID is an energy efficient, improved version of high intensity discharge lighting, it is ineligible for a DLC rating.

Is gHID Energy Star rated?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

gHID meets and exceeds all EISA efficiency standards in place. However, the unique nature of gHID technology means that there aren’t testing standards that qualify it for an Energy Star label.

What is the power factor of the gHID ballast?2019-12-09T00:35:17+00:00

The gHID ballast has a power factor of .98 and an industry-leading 96% or higher efficiency.