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320W     BALLAST

The Genesys 320W gHID™ lighting system is an excellent energy savings solution for indoor and outdoor HID lights from 400W to 1000W. The solution consists of one high-efficiency gHID™ electronic ballast, one high performance 320W metal halide lamp, and hardware for installation. They key component of the gHID™ system is the Genesys ballast.


Its innovative, patented design and remarkable circuit efficiency extend the rated life of a standard HID lamp and provide a bright, white light. The high-quality light produced by the gHID™ ballast allows for the use of a much lower-wattage lamp, saving up to 72% in energy usage. gHID™ ballasts are built to operate in temperatures ranging from -30C to -105C, and have an auto standby mode that conserves energy and ballast life when a lamp fails. gHID™ can be internally mounted in most 400W – 1000W HID fixtures, or remote mounted up to 10 feet from the fixture itself. Installation is easy, due to gHID™’s light weight, and there is no need for an external capacitor or ignitor. gHID provides a true low cost retrofit with 50% to 72% energy savings. Other energy saving lighting products require the entire fixture to be replaced and often need additional fixtures to provide adequate light quality. The Genesys system is a one for one retrofit that saves substantial energy and minimizes material waste.