The gHID Lighting System

The Genesys gHID lighting system is an excellent energy savings solution for indoor and outdoor HID lights from 100W to 1000W. The solution consists of one high efficiency gHID electronic ballast, one high performance Metal Halide lamp between 70W and 320W, and hardware for installation. The gHID lighting system can be used as a replacement for induction or fluorescent systems as well as for use in new construction.


Genesys gHID technology can be used anywhere that HID fixtures currently exist. We have extensive experience with commercial lighting (auto dealerships, parking lots, big box stores, shopping malls, warehousing, billboards), industrial lighting (manufacturing plants, refineries, loading docks, poultry processing) and public lighting (street lights, highways, parks, sports fields, DOD).


gHID can also be used to replace fluorescent and induction lighting; this occurs most often in high bay lighting environments. In addition, when new lighting is needed or new construction is done, gHID is an ideal technology to achieve great light quality using less energy than conventional methods. In these situations a new gHID fixture is installed.

The current Genesys product portfolio:

Product Wattage Typically Replaces Energy Savings Typical Annual Cost Savings* Input Voltage (AC) Sample Applications
gHID 320 320W 400W – 1000W HID 72% energy savings
(compared to 1000W)
$369 208 – 277; 480α Auto dealerships, parking lots, ports, athletic fields, interior high bay,
gHID 250 250W 320W – 750W HID 71% energy savings
(compared to 750W)
$272 208 – 277; 480α Interior high bay, auto dealerships, manufacturing, roadways, canopies
gHID 200 200W 320W – 575W HID 69% energy savings (compared to 575W) $205 208 – 277; 480α Canopies, interior high bay, auto dealerships, manufacturing, roadways, billboards
gHID 150 150W 250W – 400W HID 67% energy savings
(compared to 400W)
$137 120; 208 – 240; 277; 480α Canopies, low bay, streets, pathways, wall packs, parking structures, billboards
gHID 100 100W 150W – 250W HID 65% energy savings
(compared to 250W)
$83 120; 208 – 240; 277; 480α Wall packs, parking structures, pathways, billboards
gHID 70 70W 100W – 150W HID 59% energy savings
(compared to 150W)
$45 240 Down lights, wall packs, canopies, parking structures